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Coworking seems to be taking over the world. Over the last two decades or so, it's evolved from its hackerspace roots into a full-fledged mainstream option for sharing office space across a diverse set of people and groups. There are now coworking spaces for socially and agriculturally minded entrepreneurs, coworking spaces for women, for parents, for digital nomads, for architects -- the list goes on. To boost business, even some bars and restaurants are transforming their spaces into coworking havens during the day. Each coworking space is unique and has its own character, concept and flavour -- whether it's the huge, global commercial outfits or smaller, more intentional coworking communities.

Some for instance, like the utopic_US coworking space in Madrid by Izaskun Chinchilla Architects, emphasize an aspect of grown-up playfulness alongside more professional trappings. Outfitted with huge nets, exercise balls, hammock chairs and even a stage, the tongue-in-cheek interior design encourages informal interactions and a laid-back work atmosphere.

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