Artist Poster Campaign Sends Powerful Green Messages

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Can a poster change the world? We've covered them a lot on Treehugger, from Food Posters From the Past are Recipes for the Present to Posters from the Past that Can Guide Us in the Future.

The Canary Project brought together a Who's Who of contemporary artists for their take on issues of climate change, sustainability, and energy independence -- and the result is Green Patriot Posters, an art installation (and now a book edited by Edward Morris and Dmitri Siegel with text by Michael Bierut, Thomas L. Friedman, Steven Heller, Edward Morris, Dmitri Siegel, Morgan Clendaniel) full of striking, simple images with a very timely message. Here, get a glimpse of a few of the posters that make up the project -- and hear about each piece's inspiration from the artists and editors.

Oil Spill Gulf of Mexico 2010, by Marlena Buczek Smith

"The voice of the image extends in diverse ways, becoming the open sound of awareness for a greater cause than one's personal fulfillment." -MBS

Credit: Marlena Buczek Smith

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