The Most Inspiring Art of 2012

Jihyun Ryou's Modern Take on Traditional Food Storage

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root vegetables in sand

credit: Jihyun Ryou

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One of our most popular design posts of the year was this radically traditional kitchen idea from Jihyun Ryou. Though not intended to be viewed as art, these designs are beautiful and lead us to think critically about our own lifestyle.

Combining traditional food storage techniques with an elegant and minimalistic modern aesthetic, Ryou forced us to rethink what we think a kitchen should be. Rather than conforming to the "throw everything in the fridge" model of food storage, which then leads to demand for ever larger refrigerators - and larger kitchens to contain them - as well as a startlingly high level of food spoilage and waste, Ryou's approach shows that by understanding the food we're storing, the environments from which it grows and creating appropriate methods for keeping that food fresher for longer, we can reduce food waste, save energy, reduce demand for large refrigerators, live in smaller, more efficient spaces and so on.

Read more about Ryou's design and the other parts of her storage system.

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