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Simon Beck Creates Colossal Snow Artworks With His Feet

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Simon Beck snow art

credit: Simon Beck

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Similar to the fleeting nature of Richard Shilling's land art sculptures, Simon Beck's snow patterns make us think about the passage of time and the beauty of nature.

Some of Beck's creations, which can be as large as six football fields, can take as long as ten hours to create, not including the time spent designing the patterns and scouting and traveling to locations. And with the possibility that all that work will inevitably either melt of be covered with a fresh layer of snow, it would seem that Beck's work is as much about the process as the final result.

Whether the footprints you're leaving behind are an intricate pattern like those Beck creates or simply the path you've traveled, Beck's work inspires me to get out and see the beauty of the world.

See more of Beck's snow patterns here.

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