8 Artists Transforming Abandoned Dolls into Surreal Art

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Doll parts

credit: Flicr/julesjulesjules m

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There's no denying it, dolls can have a creepy side. There's the whole "lifeless baby that looks way too real" part, and then there's the "it will surely come to life in the middle of the night and wreak evil" part. Which is why dolls have such wonderful potential in surrealist art - they tease that perfect balance between desire and revulsion. But they can also play a stellar role in sustainable art, since there are legions of dolls retired from the whims of their child mommies and headed for the landfill. The artists whose work is shown in these pages have all given new life to old limbs, keeping them out of the trash, and alive in our sometimes-nightmarish-sometimes-innocent dreams.

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