7 habits of highly organized people

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1. Highly organized people have a place for everything

We live in a world that is determined to distract us. Bombarded with endless information, excessive obligations, buzzing cellphones, and incessant texts and emails, it’s not uncommon to feel overwhelmed on a daily basis. As a result, being organized has become more important than ever. It is the most effective way to survive and thrive in a society that offers little respite, and yet personal organization remains a tremendous challenge for many people.

Studying and emulating the habits of highly organized people is a good way to start to bring organization – and, by extension, greater relaxation and happiness – into one’s own life. Here are some habits commonly practiced by highly organized individuals:

If you put your keys and wallet in the same place every single day, then it’s much harder for those things to get lost. By designating specific locations for specific items, you can save a lot of time spent searching for those items and reduce your stress in the process.

Highly organized people also tend to file, not pile when faced with incoming documents. Again, it’s about having that pre-established system. Know where bills, letters, school papers, newspapers and magazines go and take a minute to sort them immediately, instead of relegating them to a generic, confusing pile.

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