6 ways to give experiences instead of things this holiday season

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community dinner
credit: Nic McPhee

1. Volunteer

The holiday season doesn't have to be all about physical gifts. There are countless reasons why getting away from that materialistic model is a great idea. Not only is it better from a financial perspective, but it's also less damaging to the environment and refocuses a family's attention on what really matters, like spending time together. Here are some alternative ideas for how to celebrate the holidays this year. If you have any more, please share in the comments below.

Remember that the holidays are a very tough time for many people in need. Take your family to spend Christmas Day (or any day) at a local soup kitchen, helping to serve food in your community. Talk to your kids about this ahead of time, but you could also donate presents or money to a local charity in lieu of buying gifts for each other.

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