6 tips for how to read more books

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making a list
credit: Ana C.

1. Keep a list of books you want to read

Reading relaxes the mind and body, expands one’s world, and can be a fabulous source of entertainment and knowledge. It increases the size of one’s vocabulary, helps to train memory skills, and improves focus and concentration.

Sadly, though, reading books has fallen by the wayside for many people who are unable to resist the allure of the smartphone, tablet, or laptop whenever they have a free moment. The problem is that passing time checking social media feeds, while entertaining in the moment, will never provide the lasting benefits that reading books will. Making a conscious effort to read more is well worth the effort, and here are some tips for making that happen.

When you keep an ongoing list of books you want to read, you'll always feel motivated to pick up the next book, rather than falling into a non-reading period in which you're looking or waiting for that next perfect book to appear. I collect interesting titles via recommendations from friends and my local librarians, reviews or articles online, interesting interviews I hear on the radio, and the occasional bestseller list in the newspaper. The list is on my phone, which means it's always available when I find myself at the library.

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