6 most common sources of plastic pollution

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#1: Food Wrappers & Containers (31.14% of pollution in environment, by unit count)

Single-use disposable packaging is everywhere, from cookie containers and candy bar wrappers to potato chip bags. These break down readily in the sun and surf, but the tiny plastic particles remain, getting ingested by animals that think they’re food and later suffer the consequences of filling their bellies with toxic, non-digestible plastic.

A big part of the problem is that many of these products are designed to be eaten on the go. Minimizing their use requires a cultural shift in people’s relationship with food. Time needs to be taken to prepare and eat in order to reduce packaging. (See Melissa's post on 8 packaged foods you can make yourself.)

Better Alternatives: The 5 Gyres report suggests the bulk purchase of snacks in reusable bags (now possible in all of Canada’s Bulk Barn stores) and requesting that made-to-order baked goods be served in recyclable containers, like paper boxes.

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