12 Paraben-Free Natural Beauty Product Stocking Stuffers

GrapeSeed Anti-Cellulite Scrub

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kneipp scrub

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Winter is all about scrubbing away that scaly, winter skin, and Kneipp has two products that do the job nicely.

The company says you are supposed to massage the GrapeSeed Anti-Cellulite Scrub into skin with alternating cold and hot water...ok so I wasn't brave enough for the frosty temperature adjustment...but skin was magically softer anyway.

Pair this with Kneipp Anti-Callus Salve -- a combination of Calendula extract and Rosemary Essential Oil -- for the impossibly dry areas, and your recipient will have soft skin all winter long. Both products are silicone- and mineral oil-free. (Kneipp Grape See Body Scrub, $20; Kneippe Anti Callus Salve, $25)