10 Wacky (and Mostly Wasteful) Royal Wedding Souvenirs

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In the market for a royal PEZ dispenser?

The wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton -- set for this Friday, April 29 -- has inspired dozens of trinkets, tchotckeys, and souvenirs of varying usefulness, quality, and taste, from cheesy mugs and ugly t-shirts to horrifying appliances and wasteful cell phones.

Read on for the royal goods you'd be better off passing up -- and the very few that are ever so slightly eco-friendly (like sustainable-wood puzzles and formaldehyde-free nail polish) to satisfy your celebration needs.

Will and Kate PEZ Dispensers

Unfortunately, those excited about candy popping out from Will and Kate's torsos will have to keep looking: This set was a one-off that PEZ auctioned on eBay, donating the proceeds to the Starlight Children's Foundation, one of Kate's favorite charities.

The winning bid, from an apparently very devoted royal watcher in Connecticut, sold for more than $13,000. No word on whether or not it came with candy, too.

Photo: PEZ Blog

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