9 offbeat charity gifts that do the world good

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credit: Flickr/ILRI

This holiday season, put that Snuggie budget to better use and help a charity do something productive in the world: Wrap up dung for crops, a tree for a butterfly, the wellbeing of an octopus, a camel for milk, and more. These offbeat charity gifts contribute to environmental and social causes around the world.

Plus, your giftee will appreciate not having to make room for a new gewgaw, the recipients of the charity will appreciate the help, and the landfill will appreciate the dearth of packing, shipping and wrapping materials.

The first on our list may not be the most glamorous, but it's certainly unique!

1. Give Dung

For the person who has everything or as a loving gag gift for your favorite green giftee – or the relative with whom you've been arguing politics – give the gift of dung!

We sh#t you not, Oxfam America is giving gifts of organic manure to increase crop yields in a way that is cheaper, greener, and safer than chemical fertilizers. (Oxfam Manure, $12)

The rest: Manure for crops | Trees for butterflies | Adopt an octopus | Lord or Lady title for land preservation | A milking camel | National Parks pass | Bikes not bombs | Adopt a book | Help a bison

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