10 Chic Ways to Flat-Pack Your Holiday with Christmas Trees, Ornaments, and More

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The carbon footprint of the holidays adds up fast -- presents, food, travel -- to make one scary number. But these chic, flat-pack alternatives to traditional holiday decorations -- including design-savvy original trees and gorgeous wreaths and ornaments -- will fill your home with seasonal cheer; save on shipping and storage space; and cut back your energy and water consumption.

Even better: When you use the same tree every year, you'll multiply how much money and how many resources you save -- while creating new memories and traditions.

Lovi Flat Cards

The postcard-sized kits from Lovi are made from super-thin birch plywood that's pre-cut into flat shapes; punch them out and put them together to create your own ornaments and miniatures, including reindeer, birds, angels, and tree ornaments.

They might not be as cute as photo of your grandchildren, but they'll last a whole lot longer. (Lovi Flat Cards, about $11-$18)

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