10 Breathtaking Time-Lapse Videos Showcasing Nature as You've Never Seen it Before

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Time-lapse videos may take time to make -- photographers need to capture hundreds, if not thousands, of still shots from a consistent location to get the unique look -- but when they're done right, they offer a look at scenery, lifestyle, and natural wonders that most of us would never otherwise see.

Not planning to spend a year in Antarctica? Check out the time-lapse video to get a sense of life on a research base. Don't think you'll be climbing Spain's highest mountain anytime soon? Get a birds-eye view from the top with a time-lapse video.

From images taken by the crew of the International Space Station that give a zoomed-out look at Earth to the up-close view of seeds sprouting, these 10 videos let you see the world as you never have before.