The Story of Freitag Bags: Building a Business Around Reclaimed Materials

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In 1993, two graphic designers, Markus and Daniel
Freitag, were looking for a functional, watertight bag to carry their work in, but couldn't find one on the market. The solution, they found, was humming past the front of their Zurich flat every day.

Taking inspiration from the colorful tarps closing the sides of flatbed trucks, the brothers used their apartment as a makeshift studio and created a line of messenger bags from recycled truck tarpaulins, bike inner tubes, and old car seat belts.

Today, Freitag ships its bags around the world but the real story is in the company's origin: Looking at the manufacturing process provides a unique insight into a company that has built a business on reclaimed materials.

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The Freitag Fringe bag. Image credit: Freitag