Supporting Sanity Over Fear: TreeHugger Edition

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In the spirit of sorting out some of the absurdity from the more reasonable discourse going in the environmental discussion, let's look at some of the issues which seem to bring on some of the most contentious debate.

More Oil Drilling--Just Accessing the Energy We Have?...

Rep. Michele Bachmann says, "Degradation to the environment would be minimally invasive if we accessed the energy that we have here." No doubt she's trying to play up fears that energy produced overseas has lower environmental protection standards, which is somewhat true, but with the largest oil spill in US history befouling the Gulf of Mexico, this oily explanation doesn't hold water.

It also ignores entirely the fact that domestic oil reserves currently off limits are but a tiny fraction of the US' ravenous oil demand.

...or, Delaying Essential Action?

Compare Bachmann to what the exceedingly reasonable Energy Secretary Stephen Chu told Wolf Blitzer a better path would be: We have to start to decrease our use of oil, especially in personal vehicle transportation, by going to a more fuel efficient fleet. We are working hard to electrify our personal vehicle fleet. We're just beginning to do this.

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