Stimulus Tax Credit Guide: Great Stuff Obama Will Help You Buy

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The stimulus bill has finally been passed and signed into law—and now it's time to help put the thing into action. Which shouldn't be tough to do: tucked into the thousands of pages of confounding language, there are tons of fantastic new tax credits you can get simply for buying great green stuff. Here's what our government's blowout sale's got in the catalog.

Solar Power Systems - If you've ever considered springing for some solar power, the stimulus makes them hard to pass up--any solar system you purchase this year is 30% percent off, thanks to the government (or at least, you'll get a tax rebate for that much). The only requirement is that the photovoltaic system must provide power to your residence, so no rebates for solar panels that power your gadgets. Solar powered water heaters are eligible for 30% off, too. And while the credit for photovoltaic systems was around pre-stimulus, there used to be a $2,000 cap on the solar water heater rebate--now the sky's the limit (for a 30% rebate, that is).

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