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Best National Politician: Henry Waxman

You might not have heard Henry Waxman's name much until the last month or so, but get ready for it to pop up a ton for the rest of the year. Why? Because he's drafted what may be the most important energy and climate bill Congress has ever seen.

Waxman worked to include an aggressive carbon reduction plan (20% less CO2 emissions by 2020!) and a US renewable energy standard (utilities must buy 25% of their electricity from clean sources by 2025). As the Chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee in the US House of Representatives, he wields a great amount of influence. And with the Democratic majority, he could very well turn this direly needed bill into law. Bonus green: He's got a 100% rating from the League of Conservation Voters, and he was the only Congressmen to be awarded the Agent of Change mantle by Rolling Stone, for his progressive green work.--BM

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