10 Heirloom Seed Companies Pioneering a Revival

Horizon Herbs

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For those interested in rare and medicinal herbs, Horizon Herbs may be your go to supplier. Since 1985, the company has been specializing in herbs with culinary and therapeutic properties, although they also offer a wide variety of vegetables and plants too. Cynics beware, however; the site is overrun with an unabashed celebration of Mother Nature and positivity, with lines such as, "Plant seeds with love, in the spirit of sustaining and healing yourself, all beings and the Earth. Use what you grow. Enjoy every moment of it. Heal yourself, body and soul, your family, your community, make it whole. Feel the pulsing of the moon, the nourishing heat of the sun, the cooling rain on your uplifted face." Hippyish? Maybe, but healthy and delicious for sure!