8 paper planners that will change your life

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Paper planners stand out in a digital era. They look old-fashioned at first glance, but in fact they're being embraced more readily than ever because they're simpler, faster, and arguably more effective at organizing one's life than relying on a smartphone all the time. Sometimes we need space to doodle and scribble, a wide layout to view the entire week or month's obligations, and inspirational quotes to keep us on track.

The following slideshow features a new genre of planner that goes above and beyond the old planner model. These do more than help you schedule; these ones can help you smash your goals for 2018. Whether it's accomplishing a specific project within a limited time frame, becoming more productive at home or at work, and reducing the 'overwhelm' you feel on a daily basis, these planners promise to hold your hand throughout the entire process. These planners can make your life easier, smoother, and better overall.

Here's to a year of great successes!

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