6 ideas for organizing your life this fall

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1. Start menu planning

New Year’s may be the official time for resolutions, but I’ve always been secretly partial to September as a good time for contemplating changes to one’s personal life. There’s something about the early fall that feels like a newer, fresher start than January. Use the approaching back-to-school season (maybe you’re already in it!) as a chance to organize your life, to catch up on tasks that have been nagging you, to pledge commitment to new practices and routines that you’ve always wanted to implement but haven’t gotten around to doing. Here are some ideas.

If putting food on the table feels like a daily scramble, maybe it’s time to start planning your meals well in advance. This has the pleasant effect of making days go more smoothly, reducing the mental stress associated with figuring out what you’re going to feed hungry kids in a limited time, and ensuring you’re all eating well. Most people restrict menu planning to dinners, but my friend Shona, mom to four little boys, is a firm believer in planning all meals, including breakfasts and snacks. It takes time to do each week, but she says it makes mornings far easier because there are no extra decisions to be made.

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