10 fabulous planners to keep you organized all year

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Welcome to the addictive world of planner mania!

Paper planners are making a serious comeback. While keeping track of one’s schedule on a phone is convenient, it doesn’t have the same aesthetic and creative appeal as a paper planner that you can hold in your hand. Paper planners are easy to read, edit, customize, and decorate. They are perfect for scribbling ideas, doodling, making to-do lists, jotting down groceries. Many are very attractive books, which make you want to reach for them and strive for a higher degree of personal organization.

The purpose of this slideshow is to introduce you to some of the most popular planners on the market. While researching these brands, I discovered an entire universe of planner mania that I never knew existed. There are countless YouTube videos of organizational experts explaining and comparing the various types of planners that are surprisingly fascinating.

I started using a paper planner back in 2010 and cannot imagine life without it. Up until now, I’ve been staunchly faithful to the weekly Moleskine planner, but after doing this research, I think I may have to branch out for 2016 just to try something different. Which would you choose?

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