10 eco-friendly all-purpose cleaners for a toxic-free home

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Bon Ami
credit: Bon Ami

3. Bon Ami Powder Cleanser

A scouring powder just like grandma used. In fact, she very well might have used Bon Ami given that it's been around since 1886. A mix of biodegradable cleaning agents, with feldspar and limestone for abrasive action, plus washing soda and a touch of baking soda for good measure makes for a bang-up all-natural cleaner. It's one commercial cleaner that my cleaning cabinet is always in supply of!

It's hard to deny the charm of Bon Ami's origin story. From their website:

Bon Ami was originally developed as a gentle alternative to the gritty quartz-based scouring powders on store shelves in the 1880s. An enterprising young man noticed that the tools used to separate the unused feldspar mineral from the harder quartz were as shiny as silver. Bon Ami was born taking that waste product — feldspar — and mixing it with soap to make a cleanser that polished away dirt and stains without scratching. These days we call that “zero waste.” Back then it was a thrifty way to make a better cleanser.

The company also places emphasis on using high post-consumer waste content in its packaging and labels and adhesive that are the most compatible with the recycle stream.

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