10 eco-friendly all-purpose cleaners for a toxic-free home

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Eco-friendly cleaners
credit: Whole Foods Market

9. Whole Foods Market All Purpose Cleaner, Citrus

Another cleaner to earn an A from EWG is Whole Foods' citrus all-purpose spray, which gets its fresh scent from 100 percent natural essential oils. Whole Foods has an Eco-Scale rating system that includes lists of ingredients they deem unacceptable. "Our Eco-Scale rating system is the first cleaning-products standards of any retailer and the most comprehensive standards of any "green cleaners" standards-setting group," notes the company. "Third-party agencies evaluate each product for environmental impact, safety, efficacy, source and animal testing."

Given the government's sadly lackadaisical approach to regulating chemicals used by consumers, at least some companies are taking accountability into their own hands.

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