The Week in Animal News: Doomed Mouse, Shouting Whales, Cat Bitch-slaps Alligator, and More

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A black-winged kite bird closes in on its prey -- a terrified mouse -- in a field in Spain.

This is just one of the dangers hitting the animal world this week: We also have a brave house cat that takes on an alligator, threats of extinction from natural causes, and the increasing ocean noise that's change whales' songs.

A Mouse's last Moments?

For its October photo competition, Wild Wonders of Europe received more than 1,100 entries -- including an eye-popping closeup of a bird closing in on a mouse, an amazing leaping deer, and more.

Vote for your favorites, and submit your own entry for next month on their site. Winners are selected in two categories: 18 and over and 17 and under.

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Photo: Wild Wonders of Europe