Rape and Conflict Minerals: Photographer takes on the technology industry through art

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Conflict Minerals and Human Rights

The use of conflict minerals in the technology industry is a serious issue, but one that manufacturers are doing little to correct. In areas where the sale of minerals is used to fund war, the abuses of human rights are abhorrent -- with slavery and rape treated as a fact of life.

After traveling to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and interviewing victims of rape used as a weapon of war, photographer Sarah Fretwell put together a powerful photography project documented the people and their stories, photographs that are not just art but are tools for bringing awareness to the larger impact the technology industry has by using conflict minerals, and to the role consumers play by purchasing the products without asking questions about the materials used in manufacturing.

In this interview, partnered with her images, Fretwell describes the problem and outlines solutions.

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