Make a Steampunk Solar Night Light in 10 Steps


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steampunk solar night light

credit: Winged Fist

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Instructables user Winged Fist gave us permission to publish this DIY project that lets you cheaply make a Steampunk solar night light for your home.

From the creator, "I recently got a great deal on two boxes of solar garden/path lamps on eBay - 8 lamps for US$15 bucks, including shipping! These lamps are great for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is they use rechargeable batteries, replenished daily by the sun, and require no expensive electricity!...It was only a matter of time before one of these lamps got the makeover of my real passion - Steampunk."

What you'll need:

• Hole saw set
• Power drill
• Rotary tool
• Clamp

• Block of wood
• Hollow dowel
• Cabinet handle
• Screws
• Grommet
• Black paint
• Clear varnish