Best Green Tech Concept Gadgets of 2009

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Sticking a solar cell on any old gadget has been the trend for too long. Now we want to see ways in which incorporating solar power makes gear look good too. Shepeleff Stephen has come up with one possible solution with these headphones that will make you stand out yet not feel like complete dork while wearing them since they have a very edgy look. They're wide enough to capture a good amount of sunlight and large enough to be noise canceling, yet don't stand out too terribly much. Designs like this that put solar in practical places definitely score points with us, and this does exactly that.

This is just one of many great concepts to come out of the gadget design world this year. Click through to check out more fascinating and fun ideas that just might become a real part of our future, from bendable cell phones, to gorgeous solar chargers, to incredible furniture that eats bugs to use as a source of electricity.

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