Amazing Nature Photos Taken with..iPhone's 3GS Macro Lens!?

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Portland Rose

I was hesitant to give away my Canon camera, but in order to minimalize my lifestyle to become more mobile, it was a necessary sacrifice. I had been waiting for a good little device to replace a few of the more bulky items that I was carrying around, and then the iPhone came along.

I was an early adopter, back when the iPhone suffered greatly by lacking 3rd party applications, GPS, and 3G. For photos, it was decent, if the conditions were right. When the 3GS came out, I upgraded, and was instantly impressed with the quality of the new camera, including the ability to focus and take videos. Third-party photo applications also give the camera new capabilities, such as timed exposures and in-phone picture editing. Perhaps what I was most excited about and what I missed most about my Canon, is that the newest iPhone offers a macro lens.

For someone like me who is constantly enamored by nature's intricacies, I found myself using iPhone's macro lens quite a bit.

photo by Trevor Reichman

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