9 Greenest Laptops on the Market

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dell latitude series photo
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A durable, reliable laptop is the kind of gadget you can end up feeling attached to at the hip -- and why not choose one with energy efficiency, recycling programs, and LED screens help you save money in the long run?

The nine laptops on this list deliver all the tech perks you need with a lighter footprint on the earth.

Dell Latitude Series

Dell has made environmental initiatives a priority for several years, implementing everything from compostable bamboo packaging to a ban on sending e-waste to developing countries (their efforts earned them a nod as the top green company of 2010 from Newsweek).

The EPEAT Gold-rated Latitude series has a 5.0 Energy Star rating, is completely recyclable as part of the company's Asset Recovery Service. Plus, they are easy to upgrade and meet the stricter-than-the-U.S. toxin laws implemented in Europe. (Dell Latitude series, from $960)

Photo: Dell