7 Terrifying Global Warming Pictures

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7 most terrifying global warming image
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Many people seem to have gotten a little comfortable with the concept of global warming. That's not to say anyone's alright with it—in fact, most people actively want to help fight climate change. But gone are the days when the concept of climate change first terrified the public as a kind of looming, inevitable apocalypse. And for the most part, that's a good thing. Instilling fear is no way to get anything done. But I worry that we've gotten a bit too complacent, too accepting.

So, I've rounded up 7 of the most terrifying photographic depictions of global warming around—because it could do us all a little good to get just a little nervous from time to time. Just to inspire us to work that much harder to avoid a potentially disastrous fate. After all, climate change really is some scary stuff.

Image via Vanity Fair