11 Potentially World-changing Projects Tackling Climate Change

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Around the world, visionaries have launched potentially world-changing projects to help combat climate change. Germany-based news broadcaster Deutsche Welle shines the spotlight on these innovative climate and sustainability endeavors -- from conserving beaches in Asia to implementing hydropower in Latin America -- in the new documentary series Global Ideas.

Slated to include 50 episodes less than 10 minutes long and five half hour features, the series will broadcast on TV and be available free online -- in English, German, Spanish, Mandarin, and Japanese. Read on for some of our favorite projects highlighted by Deutsche Welle.

Energy-Efficient Stoves in Peru

Here, a woman and baby use one of the energy-efficient wood-burning stoves installed in Peru, where using new cooker will require less wood and cut about 1 million tons of CO2 each year. According to Deutsche Welle, "Traditionally, people in the rural regions of Peru cook over an open fire at home. It's not only bad for the climate, it's also bad for the population's health. New types of wood-burning stoves can reduce the amount of wood consumed by up to 80 percent. That prevents deforestation, and saves thousands of tons of CO2 emissions."

Photo via Deutsche Welle

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