10 Wacky and Unexpected Things Using Solar Power

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solar movie theater photo
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Solar power has lots of potential as an alternative to fossil fuels, but some of the things we use it for make more sense than others: From solar-powered food carts, airplanes, and vending machines to solar-powered dog sweaters and beehives, read on to see which innovations are truly bright ideas -- and which ones are a little dim.

Movie Theater

The carbon footprint of your movie theater experience adds up -- the surround sound, the massive screen, the processed popcorn, the bins of trash -- but the tiny Sol Cinema does just the opposite.

This petite theater seats 8-12 adults in what used to be a two-berth caravan, and it receives its power from four lithium ion batteries -- which, in turn, get their power from 120W solar panels.

Photo: Facebook/The Sol Cinema