VW XL1: The world's most efficient 'production' car debuts in the U.S. (261 MPG)

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VW XL1 plug-in hybrid
credit: VW

The XL1 offers an estimated European combined fuel consumption rating of 261 mpg (more than 200 mpg estimated in the U.S. cycle) and can cover up to 32 miles as a zero-emissions vehicle in all-electric mode.

Combining to create the exceptional frugality are its light weight (1753 pounds), impressive aerodynamics (Cd 0.19), and a low center of gravity. According to VW: "This super-efficient Volkswagen has the ability to cruise down the road at a constant 62 mph while using just 8.4 PS (6.2kW) horsepower. In all-electric mode, the XL1 requires less than 0.1 kWh to cover more than a kilometer."

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