Tokyo Motor Show 2011 Exclusive: Leaf is Car of the Year, Plus 5 More Nissan Electric Cars

Electric ESFLOW Concept Car From Nissan

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credit: Jacob Gordon

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Nissan's 100 percent electric, zero emission Leaf has picked up Car of the Year Award at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show, currently underway in Japan's capital city through December 11.

In addition to the Leaf that we know and love, Nissan showed a whole variety of concept cars based on the Leaf's electric technology. TreeHugger was lucky enough to be on site for an exclusive first look.

Here we see the ESFLOW concept car that was first revealed at the Geneva Auto Show this spring. Nissan says this coupe can go 150 miles on a charge and do 0-62 MPH in under five seconds with its two, rear-mounted electric motors.