Tokyo Motor Show 2011 Exclusive: Honda's Next Generation of Hybrid and Electric Technology

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Honda Plug-In Hybrid
credit: Jacob Gordon

Plug-In Hybrid from Honda

The 42nd Tokyo Motor Show wrapped up last week in Japan, and we were on site for an exclusive preview of a slew of new green technologies from Honda, including access to Honda executives and engineers, and a chance to drive hybrids and EVs at Honda's Twin Ring Motegi super speedway.

What does the future hold for Honda? The 10 hybrid and electric cars here offer a sneak peak.

First up, Honda's plug-in hybrid, which it will bring to the market to compete with Toyota's upcoming pluggable Prius.

Though we don’t know exactly what the car will look like or be called, we know it will have a four-cylinder engine paired with a 120 kW electric motor and a 6 kWh lithium-ion battery. The car will be able to go 10 to 15 miles, and up to 62 MPH, in electric mode. Charging up on a regular 110-volt outlet will take about 2.5 hours.

Honda’s plug-in hybrid will lean more heavily on internal combustion for highway speeds, and do most of its low-speed driving in electric mode.

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