The World's Greatest Subways

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The 12 lines of the Moscow Metro clock in at 292.2 km of track, with 177 stations, serving around 7 million passengers per day.
Fare: .69 cents, with contactless smart cards
Hours: 5:30 AM to 1 AM

Even in one of the globe's most expensive cities, the classiest metro in the world remains one of the cheapest to ride. But with financing coming from the state, money has never been an object. (Indeed, some suspect the Kremlin of having built another, defense-oriented shadow metro underneath the regular metro.) The Metro continues to expand across Moscow like an octopus, and is the world's second most heavily used rapid-transit system after Tokyo's. Even the city's stray dogs have come to rely on it. Since its opening in 1935, the government has also lavished upon many Metro stations ornate, socialist realist designs, like the kind seen at Komsomolskaya, pictured.

Komsomolskaya Station. Flickr: yeowatzsup; cestomano