The World's Best Alternative Subway Maps

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The New York City Subway map is famous for its geographic accuracy (well, relatively speaking) in the face of the system's massive complexity: it has the most number of stations in the world (468), the second longest network and the world's seventh highest daily ridership. But for its allegiance to geography it sacrifices a certain amount of clarity and utility, argue some design brains, none more vigorously than Eddie Jabbour, the Creative Director at Kick Design.

For years, Jabbour has been tirelessly advocating for a new "kick" map design he says would make everything easier to understand, especially for out-of-towners not used to some of the current map's quirks, like the combination of multiple tracks under one line on the map. Jabbour makes it easier to see all the different lines and identify the stations. He's been rebuffed by the MTA, but remains undeterred by the MTA's anti-schematic attitude (they did away with Massimo Vignelli's beautiful design of 1972).

See a side-by-side comparison at the Kick Map site, and an archive of New York's subway maps at

Eddie Jabbour / Kick Design

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