Industrial Bikes that Get the Job Done


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Alldays Delivery Tricycle 1905 photo
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We use bikes for commuting, competing and cruising, but they are also equally adept at cargo hauling, carrying courier satchels, couches, kitchen sinks and even compost. In this slideshow, we focus on these uber-efficient beasts of burden: Bikes that go to work.

It is unclear exactly when the first dedicated 'work bike' hit the road, but it was the late 1880's introduction of the two wheeled 'safety bike' and pneumatic tyres when cycling entered its golden age. Around that time various forms of bicycles designed to haul cargo were also making their presence felt.

Tricycle delivery bikes were developed in the United Kingdom during the 1870's to transport the wares of bakers, grocers and pharmacists. The trike shown here was made in 1905 by manufacturer Alldays, and was used by a men's clothing firm to haul their wares.

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Image: Tradesmans Bike Blog