The BMW i3 Concept Coupé Electric Car (2012 L.A. Auto Show)

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BMW i3 Concept electric car
credit: BMW

"Like the BMW i3 Concept, the Coupe is also propelled by an electric motor developed by the BMW Group, which develops a maximum output of 125 kW/170 hp and peak torque of 250 Newton metres (184 lb-ft), and channels its instantaneous power delivery to the rear wheels via a singlespeed transmission. The electric motor draws its energy from the lithium-ion storage cells under the floor. Positioning the battery units here has the effect of lowering the centre of gravity considerably, which further adds to the vehicle’s sensationally agile handling."

The body is carbon-fiber (though remember, this is a concept vehicle -- if it ever goes to production, it could be changed a lot).

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