9 Hilarious, Crazy, Weird 'While Biking' Stories, Winner Wins a Cannondale

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bike lane in rain photo
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"In college I lived off campus and decided to ride my bike back and forth to summer classes. One day it was pouring so I figured I'd cut across the quad and get some shelter from the trees. Only I didn't see a garden hose stretched along the wet concrete. My front tire caught the hose just right that I slid along it until I caught traction, promptly flipping me head first over the handle bars and into the concrete.

"The worst part was I was talking to my mom at the time and she heard it all and was snickering when I picked my bruised and bloody self off the ground. Since then...I try not to ride anywhere in the rain."

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Photo credit: oedipusphinx, theJWDban/Creative Commons