11 electrified cars under $30,000 (videos)

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Nissan Leaf

I'll start with the big boy (or girl), the top-selling electric car on the planet. The Nissan Leaf, after the US federal EV tax credit, costs just $21,300. In California, it would cost $18,800, while in Georgia it could go as low as $16,300 (after Georgia's $5,000 EV tax credit).

The Leaf has a fuel economy rating of 114 MPGe, putting it near the very top of the list for fuel efficiency -- #4, to be precise. (Actually, every car in the top 10 is now an electrified car.)

The Leaf seats 5 and has a range of 84 miles on a full charge. Plus, it doesn't pollute your local air or the climate, and it can be charged with sunshine (i.e., solar power). And if that's not enough for you, it cuts our need to "secure" oil resources in foreign countries, it has very awesome acceleration, and you can "fill it up" while sitting on your couch and reading TreeHugger rather than going to a smelly gas station more times than you can count.