11 electric cars now under $27,000... in California

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Kia Soul Electric
credit: Kia

There are now 11 mass-manufactured electric cars that come in under $27,000 in California, and several that cost less than $20,000... after federal and California incentives.

With the average new car purchase price sitting at $32,500 in September, $27,000 is a very attractive price and under $20,000 for a quality car is a steal.

Why focus on California? For one, it's by far the largest electric car market (or car market, for that matter) in the United States, which is the largest electric car market in the world. Also, due to California regulations, automakers really need to sell electric cars there -- which results in some companies only really offering their electric cars in California and a few other such markets. California also has an electric vehicle rebate that helps to bring the cost of electric cars down further than most other places.

Unfortunately, Tesla's not on this list yet, but thanks to new electric car models and recent price cuts, there are 11 noteworthy electric cars on the Californian market that will cost you less than $27,000 after the federal electric vehicle tax credit and the California electric vehicle rebate. Click through to have a look at these fine cars.

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