10 Gorgeous New Bikes We Want Right Now

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If money were no object, we'd waste no time in adding every single one of the bikes on this list to our collection -- from a limited edition cruiser and brand new sport bike to a they-only-made-12 twin-tire bike and a totally customized electric cycle.

But for now, we'll have to settle for looking and daydreaming -- although that doesn't mean you have to: Each one of these bikes is a beautiful way to cut your carbon footprint when you use it instead of your car.

Limited Edition James Perse Cruiser

Those of us who still haven't stopped thinking about the vintage beach cruiser we rented on vacation have a serious case of I-Must-Have-It when it comes to the Limited Edition James Perse Cruiser.

The wide tires, spacious handlebars, and steel frame make this bike comfortable enough for lazy rides on the boardwalk and tough enough for urban riding, while the muted orange frame and black detailing show off the striking architecture of the custom-built end result. (Limited Edition James Perse Cruiser, $2,500)

Photo: James Perse

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