10 Futuristic Electric Cars From the Paris Motor Show

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Attracting car enthusiasts from all over the world October 2-17, the 2010 Paris Motor Show, had a lot of highlights -- every major automaker, and many more smaller ones, had their best work on display. But walking through the show's seven exhibition halls, one got the sense of an unofficial theme: The future is electric.

All sorts of electric vehicles, charging systems, and battery innovations were on display. These 10, 100% electric rides clearly demonstrate that the future of transportation is a very exciting one.

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DeZir Electric Car From Renault

French automaker Renault claims that that the "DeZir is proof that environmental concern and a love for cars are by no means incompatible."

Unveiled in July, the all-electric car has plenty of upside: a range of 99 miles and a zero-to-sixty time just over five seconds. The downside? It's only a concept car, meaning that it's one of those look-but-can't-drive situations. But we can dream, right?

Photo: Alex Davies

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