10 Best Bamboo Bikes For Style and Performance

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Bamboo Bicycle photo
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Bamboo is one of the greener building materials we've got: It has a low CO2 footprint compared to aluminum and steel, is renewable, and even biodegradable. It isn't, however, perfect -- often it comes with a big carbon footprint for transport, and biodegrading under layers of laminate can be tricky.

But despite these facts, combining the best of both worlds, bamboo bikes can be stunning: For both style and function, these 10 bamboo bikes are some of the best out there.

Bamboo - What's Old is New

As this bamboo bike from 1896 (in Prague's Technical Museum) shows, bamboo has been used for bike building nearly as long as bikes have been in the mainstream. That's not surprising -- bamboo's lightweight, hollow structure and strength lend itself well to the bike.

Credit: JeffMcNeil via flickr