London Tweed Run: the most beautiful bike ride on the planet (photos)

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London Tweed Run

Granted, "most beautiful bike ride on the planet" is a matter of opinion, but the London Tweed Run is the most beautiful in my eyes. Though, if you know of a good contender for the title, I'd love to see some pics.

I am told the London Tweed Run also fits well with today's hipster sub-culture. But it's nice to see that it extends to all ages and likely pulls in people from all sorts of sub-cultures.

The idea is pretty straightforward: people go on a group bike ride through the center (er, centre) of London dressed in traditional British attire, especially tweed. The first Tweed Run was in London on January 24, 2009. It is now an annual event, and many other cities around the world have followed suit (bad pun) and started up their own such events.

James Craig of Cycle Love, a graphic designer with a passion for bicycles and style, shared a bunch of beautiful shots of this year's London Tweed Run earlier this year. The photos were taken by professional photographer Yu Fujiwara, and Yu gave me permission to share some here. I'm sharing my favorites, but you can check out these and others in color or black and white over on his site, 8 and 2.

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