Green Gift Guide: 12 Innovative, Practical Gifts For the Bicycle Lover

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soft warm bicycle helmet that folds
credit: Ribcap

Folding Fleece Helmet From Ribcap

The avid cyclist is not exactly the easiest person to shop for: Luckily, a whole new crop of innovative and useful designs are coming to market -- and many are also sustainably designed.

From reflective flower pins to steampunk bike locks, here are 12 gifts for your favorite cyclist, at lots of price points.

RibCap Does Warmth With Helmet-Like Protection

We've presented TreeHugger readers with a lot of cool helmet ideas over the years, and a lot of debate about helmet-wearing in general. Here's a new helmet that, while not perfect, combines a number of purposes.

The Ribcap, designed in Switzerland and available online, is a low-level brain protector (not quite to the level of a hard helmet) with a warm fleece shell. Ribcap uses sewn-in "visco-elastic" stays for head protection, a concept that was favorably tested at the Louis Pasteur Institute.

It purports to protect the head, though in a slightly different way than a regular bicycle helmet -- it neither shatters nor stays totally firm on impact, but molds to a user's head.

Huge bonus points: It folds, making it a lot easier to cart around, compared to those obtrusive plastic jobs. (Ribcap, about $140)

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