Green Gift Guide: 10 Commuter Bikes to Give or Get this Holiday Season

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you can fit a bike into an xmas stocking

credit: April Streeter

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For quite a few decades in America's 20th century, getting a bicycle for Christmas (or Hanukkah) was the dream of many a bike-lovin' girl and boy.

Whether or not bicycles are the most popular holiday gift this year, they are definitely the most versatile. Bikes are a wedge against rising gas prices, bloated bellies, and nature deprivation.

Here are some 2012 model bikes you might want for yourself -- or for your sweetie. Because we're all about transportation cycling, you won't see any road or mountain bikes on this list -- from a pink cargo bike to foldable bikes, a fixie, an electric assist, and more, it's commuter bike joy all the way.

And if a bike really doesn't fit in to your stocking (size- or economy-wise), here are a number of bike gifts that will.