The ELF could replace a car for a lot of people

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Elf Parking
credit: Lloyd Alter

It does take a bit of practice to figure this thing out; I couldn't find the parking brake and it almost rolled out into the street here. As Sami has noted earlier, there are naysayers and critics of the ELF; at $ 5495 it's a lot more expensive than a cargo bike. Before I drove it I would have considered myself a critic, wondering why one would use this instead of a regular bike.

elf from Lloyd Alter on Vimeo.

Then I went for a ride, with Rob Cotter in the back seat. And I found that it is a terrific urban runabout, with room to carry a good shopping trip's worth of stuff (let alone a second person) protected from the weather and wind, highly visible with great LED lighting front and back, and easy to park. I can see that in an urban milieu it could easily replace a car and since it is legally a bike, you don't have to pay for parking or worry about rush hour parking and stopping restrictions. It costs less to buy than a car costs to operate for a year and gets the equivalent of 1800 miles to the gallon.

I think it is a plausible alternative to a car, particularly for those who are not totally comfortable on a bike. Learn more at Organic Transit.

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